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ZGA was started by Nick Soudnick and Valery Dudkin (1965 - 2004) in Riga in March 1984. Later the group was joined in by Alexander Zhilin (1959 - 1994), Michael Yudenich, Vadim Petrenko, Emily and Eva Molchanova.

In 1989 Chris Cutler and Recommended Records released ZGA's first LP (Point East PE-02). Thus revealing the group to the world.

At the end of 1991 on the suggestion of "Pushkinskaya-10" Art Centre Zga moved to S.-Petersburg.

After Alexander Zhilin's death the group stopped being permanent. Nick Sudnick has been inviting various musicians for his different projects. Since 2000 ZGA permanent musicians are Ekaterina Fedorova (drums), Ramil Shamsudinov (trombon) and Valeria Kildeeva (violin).

In middle of the 90s Nick's artistic focus shifted from piezo-electric pickups, original sound sources inveted by himself, towards much wider range of sounds.

Since 1999 Nick actively collaborates with Engineering Theatre AKHE and makes soundtracks for their performances.

Sudnick has several side projects. He participates in Vetrophonia, his mutual project with Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt). He has collaborated with various painters and artists. He also played in Sergey Kuryokhin's Pop Mechanics. In 2005 LongArms Records released Delikatessen - the joined project of Nick Soudnick and Vjacheslav Gaivoronskij. One of his latest projects are FIGS (2006), which gathered together Ekaterina Fedorova (Iva Nova, ZGA), Alexei Ivanov (Union of Commercial Avant-guarde, Nado Podumat) and Markus Godwyn (The Noise of Time).

Current ZGA's programme "FUTUROSIS" is dedicated to the centenary of Russian Futurism and based on futuristic poetry of the beginning of the last century. As sound sources ZGA uses hand-made constructions shaped as wash-boards and amplificated by piezzo pick-ups.
Vera Ogareva - shulamiha(wash-board), voice
Inna Lishenkevich - yurmanka,otshturha(wash-boards),voice
Ekaterina Fedorova - smargachka(wash-board)
Nick Soudnick - dzirute-vangale(wash-board), voice

Look also at youtube.com - nick sudnick'videos

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CARMINA MORITURORUM вКОНТАКТЕ http://vkontakte.ru/club7075719


Some of the Festivals ZGA took part in:

FMC, Saguenay, Canada, May 2013
FIMAV, Victoriaville, Canada, May 2013
"New Music America-90", Montreal, Canada. 1990
"Toene und Gefentoene", Vien, Austria. 1991 March
Urbane Aboriginale, Berlin.1991 Oct.
"Sound symposium", Newfoundland, Canada.1992 July
"Music action", Vandeuvre, France.1993 May
Traffic. Nantes, France.1997 June
Alternative, Pragua 2000 December
Avanto 2001, Helsinki, 2001 Nov.
LMC Festival, London, 2002

Some of the distributors

ReR Megacorp
Strange Sounds Records strange-sounds@mail.ru
Hor Music
Dom Records www.dom.com.ru
Long Arms Records www.longarms.net
ULTRA label mail: ultralebel@narod.ru
FLENIX (Japan): www.msbr.com
Verge Music Distribution
Ponk Records
Wayside Music
ReR unofficial website






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Nick Soudnick,
email: zga(Dot)spb(AT)gmail(Dot)com
tel +7 951 6499743

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